Smartwatch fitness tracker TW 64 New

Smart watch fitness tracker ini buat agan-agan yang mobilitas nya tinggi dan aktifitas nya padat jam tangan ini sangat cocok untuk melengkapi kebutuhan hidup modern agan dimanapun kalian berada.

Smart Watch tw 64

Smartwatch cocok untuk agan2 yg suka berolahraga maupun beraktifitas padat.

TW64 smart wristwatch, a smart watch that measures your daily job and activity. With TW64, you can actually experience the excellence and humanization design of the device. Bring you a pleasant and enjoyable life.
With the high-end and well-designed appearance, the portable multifunctional smart wristband is perfect in: Tracking steps, distance measurement, calorie consumption management, monitoring your sleep cycle, time displaying, warning you (for drinking, sitting for too long, waking up) with a silent wake alarm. TW64 smart watch is your perfect companion, stay with you everywhere and keep a health record of your body.

Compatible with iOS 6.1 or above: iPhone 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C / 6 / 6 plus; Android system 4.3 or above; Bluetooth version 4.0.


Main features
Tracking steps – Record and track steps accurately
Distance measurement – Measure you daily walking distance precisely
Calorie consumption management – Calculate the consumption of calorie, record the daily burned calorie
Sleep cycle – Monitoring your sleep cycle automatically, record the quality of sleep
Reminder – Setting reminder for drinking, taking medicines, meeting, sitting for too long or other customized alarm

Call reminder – When incoming calls are not answered in a certain time, TW64 will remind you by vibration (Now only support Android phones)
Message reminder – When new message arrived, TW64 will remind you by vibration, in that case you wil not miss any timely message (Now only support Android phones)
Remote Camera – Control your mobile to take photos (Now only support Android phones)
Time display – Sync your smart phone will display time

Harga Rp. 195.000 tidak termasuk ongkos kirim.

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